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My online confessional

Mar. 22nd, 2007 07:09 am anyone wanna go to Florida?

No for real...

I'm looking for lucky person number six to go down to Florida over Memorial day weekend. We leave Wednesday, May 23 and return Monday may 28th. 1 1/2 days will be spend in Tampa, the other 3 1/2 are spent in a condo on our own private island. It's a little pricey but well worth it. I'm willing to set up payment plans or whatever with you. If you're interested call or IM me.


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Nov. 16th, 2006 02:51 pm

ok seriously does nobody in the entire college of Ed ever check their e-mails!?!?! All I want is someone to e-mail me back and tell me "yes, you will be student teaching next semester, we will tell you where soon." I have sent half a dozen e-mails to three different people and nobody has responded!! How do you get through life in this day an age without checking your e-mails at least once a day. All I really want to know at this point is that I'm contacting the right person and they can't even afford me that courtesy! GAH I am so frustrated right now....


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Nov. 16th, 2006 08:42 am LOUD NOISES!!

To the person who has been laying on their horn in front of the Village since 7am-

Who the fuck do you think you are?!? You hve woken me up and probably about half the rest of the people who live here as well. if you are trying to get somebody's attention, go buzz their door or call their fucking cell phone. the only logical explanation that I can come up with is that the person in the seat next to you is dying or having a baby, in which case, drive them the less than a mile down the road to the fucking hospital, don't wake us up!!! My alarm doesnt go off for another hour, I'm supposed to be dreaming of gorgeous men right now instead I'm awake bithcing in livejournal about you. I hope somebody comes out and shoots you because right now i'm pretty sure that's what you deserve.

You are a waste of space.
Fuck you,

an incredibly pissed off person

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Nov. 9th, 2006 12:51 am A touching little story

In the midst of all the election nonsense, here's something that has nothing to do with anything, but it made my day...

The kids were out on the playground at work and I, obviously, was with them. I was sitting on the sidelines with a child who was missing their mommy when, out of nowhere, another little blonde haired cutie came running up to me. With a big smile on her face she wrapped her arms around my neck and said in my ear, "You're my Sara."

It's moments like that where I know that working with kids is what I'm meant to be doing for the rest of my life...


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Nov. 1st, 2006 06:18 pm

After a lengthy convo with my mom I have come to the realization that I am too nice and too concerned about what other people think. Last night I wound up sitting around in my costume all night waiting for Suzy to call me so we could go out. She never called, I never went out, and my really excellent costume was wasted. I didn't leave because I had plans with someone else, but also because I was so concerned that when I got to the bar, people would think I was a major loser because I came by myself. Sad thing is, this isn't the first time that this has happened. I let other people dictate my social life, the result being that I miss out on a lot because I'm too chicken to do things by myself. It's really ridiculous because I could have a blast and meet some new people if only I let myself. I'm really pissed off today because I keep screwing myself over by not realizing that I don't need other people to be my security blanket. I'm a big girl, aren't I?

*sigh* My last halloween as a college student down the tubes... I may have to resurect Mimi at some random time this year, just to get my money's worth out of it...


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Oct. 10th, 2006 09:19 pm

I really have to stop buying tickets, I have no money left!
4 tickets for The Barenaked Ladies- $180
3 tickets for Rent-$150
2 tickets for the Red Wings- $80

I really am single handedly keeping ticketmaster in business...it's sad.

In other news...I have no other news

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Sep. 24th, 2006 10:47 am

After a very fun weekend all I have to show for it is a green piggy bank, an empty wallet and a sprained ankle. At least I didn't get arrested...

Go bless college


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Sep. 11th, 2006 05:07 pm

Since waking up this morning I have:

-responded to my biology professors query about how coconut travel with "well the could be carried by an african swallow!"

-Compared the facultys use of free hot dogs to the use of the jedi mind trick AND, in a latter conversation, reversed my position and called them the dark side

-Ran into someone whose phone calls i have been avoiding and used the "it's my cell, service is unreliable" line...and had it work!

I do not think I could fit any more nerd into my day and still be standing. well, technically I'm sitting but you know what I mean...

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Sep. 9th, 2006 11:58 am

Finally have something on my walls, huzzah!

Of course, I forgot what I actually went home for, which was hangers for my pants. Oh well.

I was watching tv last night and came to the conclusion that you can only go to Olive Garden if you can tell bad corny jokes that may be construed as awful pick-up lines about their never-ending pasta bowl. A-like so...

man: never ending pasta bowl? What's that?
Waitress: You pick a lot of pasta moron, that's what it says
woman: Well that should bring you never-ending happiness! ha ha ha

or as such:
man: This is my favorite combination
other man: Isn't that what you said abou the last pasta?
first man: well that one's gone, so this is the new favorite
Other man: Wow, why do I eat with you? You're stupid

The list goes on and on. I'm contemplating going to olive garden and having a similar conversation with my waitstaff, speaking only in commercial lines. We'll see how that works out.

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Sep. 7th, 2006 08:18 am

I don't know what aggrivates me more- having to walk past picketing teachers to get anywhere and quite potentially getting hit in the face by a sign because someone isn't paying attention, walking through said picket line to most likely find out that my class is not being held, or the fact that this is all over what amounts to less than 6% less take home pay, half of which is going to cover increased health care costs!!!!! Despite what the teachers may say, the conditions in Mark-J and other such appalling buildings isn't really even on the radar. And the fact that they're arguing that they won't teach until the university promises to fix these dilapidated buildings but are still letting their union argue over the 3% pay cut which would potentially be used to fix these problems makes me want to punch babies. *thinks for a moment* Wait a tick, that might be possible. The professors drop off their children at the institute before walking the line, I could punch their kid!

Just thinking about that makes me happy....which is kind of frightening


Current Mood: irritatedirritated

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